Embracing our goldsmiths roots

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Artisan jewelry


Napaloli is a different design proposal that through the creation of jewelry enhances our goldsmiths roots with the intention of establish a subtle and intimate talk around the figures, basic forms and prehispanic patterns as elements that synthesize and make up the visual image of the brand.

Napaloli means HUG in Nahuatl, an indigenous language that is still spoken in certain regions of Mexico. Word that we adopt by its multiple forms in which we can define the mark; either by the alloy of the mental, the metal surrounding the rhinestones, the piece wrapping your body and very important the fact of embracing our goldsmith roots.

Napaloli now works on a smaller scale, more intimate, designing pieces that play with the irregularities of semiprecious stones, increasing and exhibiting these imperfections for greatest benefit. Likewise, the handling of color contrast on different surfaces intends to provide pieces of light and dark as a characteristic of an organic result.

It redefines the use of the "lost wax" technique making a mass process into a one-of a kind process for unique pieces. No two of the pieces are alike, nor do they express a singular aesthetic; each new work is a fresh exploration of form.

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Azucena Paola

Hello and welcome. I am Azucena Paola and I was born in Mexico City. I’m the designer, and artisan jeweler behind Napaloli.

Since I was a child I realized that creating things with my hands made me feel very pleasant and creative. When I finished my degree in graphic design, I decided to take jewelry classes focused on silver. My interest in taking this course was to use that time being productive and learning something new. I can say that at that moment, jewelry was not my passion then, as it is today. Completing this workshop, my desire increased, wanting to learn more, and take on the next subject, which was: wax casting. This is the technique that I use nowadays in the manufacturing of my pieces. I love and enjoy making them this way but I still desire to learn different techniques.

In my search for a new place to live, I moved to San Miguel de Allende for a while. This is where I came across a new and beautiful town with very nice people which I worked and lived amongst. Artists also surrounded me, but I had stopped making jewelry, something that wasn’t very good for my passion. So, I made my pursuit to come back to the city, where my workshop, tools and suppliers were. My dream is to go back and settle in San Miguel de Allende.

I am inspired by crafts, nature, gemstones, basic shapes, color, and the folklore of my country. I find it very rich in culture and I feel that it can captivate anyone.

Welcome to Mexico, welcome to Napaloli, lets embrace our goldsmith’s roots.

Napaloli, It's a hug. I'm hugging you.

Napaloli means embraced in nahuatl. Lets embrance our goldsmiths roots.

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What I do

A massive process become a process author.


My first impulse, to make jewelry were the rings. I found them easy to create. They are affable, private, close, and personal, such in the case of wedding rings. They become part of you, they embrace you. It means beautifying yourself in a small expression but in a great unbreakable strength of beauty. That’s how Napaloli began.


Necklaces were my second step in jewelry; designing charms and just adding a chain in shape and size that provide harmony in its composition.


Before I was not used to wear earrings. I did not identify with this accessory, but then following an order, I had the need to create them. This made me research and get closer to its composition to visualize the structure and articulation. Now I love and I really enjoy using my own product. You can find the first set of earrings at IIK SPA.


As I mentioned, the process of making jewelry has been slow. I've spent a lot of time making rings, in turn, the development of other accessories was not the center of my focus. Bracelets are also something that I’m passionate about and it motivates me to continue to create an entire collection.

How do I do it?

Lost wax casting is the answer.

01Choose a stone

I start by picking a stone, from this, is how I interpret the design. In case of not using a stone, I skip to the next step.

03Modeling wax

With the spirit lamp and the instruments for modeling wax, it is how it starts in a tangible way the creation of the piece.

05Metal melt

Using a centrifuge machine for pouring, the next step is to melt the metal. In centrifugal casting, a permanent mold is continuously rotated at high speed as the molten metal is poured. Molten metal is cast into the wall centrifugal mold inside, where it solidifies after cooling.

07Polish and darken

The last step is to polish the piece, if the design requires to darken some of the surfaces of the silver, then I oxide completely the piece and then give brightness to the protruding parts.


I take my sketchbook and my pencil and begin to translate that idea, I play with shape of the stone and try to provide a foundation to continue the organic of its structure.

04Process of lost wax

It is time to put the wax in a beaker and cover it with investment. After curing, it goes in the kiln and starts the burnout process.

06Sanding and filing

Now it is time to clean the piece, removing excess silver, sanding, filing the rough edges, leaving it ready for the detail finish I want to give.

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